RevitaGen in the Media

Looking to hide your stretch marks in a pinch? Choose a skin cream with cocoa butter, herbs, or peptides to quickly reduce the appearance of stretched skin. Our user's choice includes RevitaGen's peptide formula.

If you're pregnant, get ready to battle stretch marks. Ingredients like retinol and salicylic acid are off limits now, so consider natural skin repair creams like RevitaGen to fade these unsightly marks.


Around my sixth month of pregnancy, I started getting stretch marks, but my skin creams weren't safe to use. My obstetrician recommended RevitaGen, which has worked wonders for my stomach. Yay!

Lisa from San Diego

I'm proud to say that I've lost almost 20 pounds this year - but I had no idea losing weight would give me stretch marks! If it wasn't for RevitaGen, my skin would be a mess.

Sam from Arlington

After three kids, my skin just hasn't been as soft and tight as it used to be. I've been using RevitaGen for a few months now, and have slowly but surely watched stretch marks I've had for over a decade fade away from my thighs and stomach. This cream is a dream come true!

Cindy from Chicago

Why You Need RevitaGen

RevitaGen stimulates new collagen for softer, tighter skin

Retinyl palmitate and palmitoyl oligopeptides boost collagen levels for firmer skin, while bearberry tightens loose skin.

Feel the difference instantly after applying RevitaGen

Algae extracts flush excess fluids trapped in the skin on contact. You can feel the immediate difference!

Correct color discoloration and circulation for skin that glows!

The shea butter in RevitaGen promotes cell regeneration and capillary circulation for healthier, softer skin.

RevitaGen Works!

Reduce stretch mark depth and visibility with RevitaGen. This advanced peptide formula penetrates deep into the dermis for complete and total skin cell rejuvenation in as little as four weeks!

This all-natural, advanced peptide formula works quickly to repair skin damages caused by birth, age, and weight changes over time. RevitaGen not only reduces the visibility of existing stretch mark scars, but also prevents new marks from forming, while hydrating and moisturizing skin.

Help Your Skin Heal Itself Naturally with RevitaGen

Ready for Smooth, Flawless Skin?

Order RevitaGen now and start feeling the difference for yourself - that's right, smooth, healthy skin can be yours for only the cost of shipping. Why wait? Order your supply of the RevitaGen Stretch mark and Skin Repair Formula today.

Try it today and see just how good your skin can look!