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RevitaGen and Stretch Marks

Stretch marks... the very words conjure fear and disgust. Those loathsome streaks mar the hips, thighs and breasts of most women, and the shoulders, upper arms and stomachs of both men and women. Stretch marks come hand in hand with rapid growth, which includes pregnancy, puberty, weight gain or even bodybuilding. Regardless of how you end up with stretch marks, getting rid of them can be a pain. These hideous, red and purple ripples fade slowly over time, but even then, they're still painfully noticeable.

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are a kind of scar that forms when the body grows too quickly for the skin to stretch enough to accommodate it. Stretch marks are extremely common during puberty, during pregnancy, and among people who rapidly gain muscle mass or weight. Stretch marks affect just about everyone. Many women are embarrassed to wear bathing suits or lingerie and spend their lives covering up their stretch marks.

How then, can you make stretch marks disappear? Well, first you have to understand why stretch marks happen in the first place.

Stretch marks happen in the dermis layer of your skin, which also happens to be the strongest layer. The dermis is responsible for helping the skin maintain its firmness and shape. Stretch marks are caused by glucocorticoid hormones, which hinder collagen and elastin fiber production in your skin. Without collagen and elastin, the dermis is weak and cannot maintain its tightness, thus stretching and revealing those ugly little squiggly marks on your skin.

How RevitaGen Helps to Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks

The RevitaGen formula helps to replenish the deep collagen layers of the skin by moisturizing the skin. This temporarily reduces the appearance of stretch marks, similar to the effects of cocoa butter. However, the other ingredients in RevitaGen address the discoloration so often associated with stretch marks, which using cocoa butter alone cannot.

RevitaGen contains an all-star lineup of potent peptides and proven ingredients that do the following:

But what does this all mean for you?

Help stretch marks gradually fade away with RevitaGen's skin-toning formula. This fast-absorbing cream is odorless and easy to use, and can help you experience visible results within weeks.