RevitaGen Success Stories

"I've been using RevitaGen for a couple of weeks now. Aside from LOVING the natural formula, I've been super impressed at how effective it's been at fading my stretch marks. After giving birth to three kids, you could imagine the effect that had on my skin. I honestly never thought my skin would be as smooth as it was before my pregnancies, but now it's completely smooth...and baby soft. I might even be ready to wear a bikini again!"

Sharon R.
Cincinnati, OH

"After just a few days of applying Revitagen I'm already seeing results. My skin is getting smoother and the dark streaks on my tummy are slowly beginning to fade. This cream makes your skin sooo soft, I would even use it as a regular moisturizer. I can't wait to see what it does as I keep using it. So far so good!."

Terry A.
San Diego, CA

"I'll admit I had some doubts about this product...I tried so many stretch mark creams in the past and nothing really worked. But as I've been using Revitagen, I'm seeing the stretch marks on my hips are getting lighter and lighter. Also the texture was very bumpy and it's much smoother. I will definitely keep using RevitaGen and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't had success with other products and is looking for real results. It definitely worked for me!"

Carol S.
Hoboken, NJ